Friday, May 21, 2004


So here's a thought Three-thousand years ago, do you think the average guy realized that the aim of the torah (among its other objectives) was to slowly wean us from the practice of having slaves and from the practice of bringing animal sacrifces?

Of course not.

It wasn't until mankind gave up these practices that it become clear (following the view of the Rambam in the Morah Nevuchim) that God takes us the long way, because he wants us to gradually realize the truth on our own.

Will the same thing happen with meat-eating? Will mankind one day just give it up, and conclude, as with slavery, that it was the aim of the troah all along to bring us gradually to this point?

I don't know. I am like the guy from 3000 years ago. I am too close to the trees. I can't see the forest.

But it's not impossible...

If mankind ever does give up meat (the way that mankind gave up slaves) our decendants might look back at us and our meat eating habits and say: "What were they thinking?! I could never do that now!"

Which is exactly what we say when we look back at our slave-holding anscestors.