Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Jerry Parr - Hero

I heard Jim McLishevsky(sp?) on Imus this morning. He reported on the Reagan life attempt and got undisclosed info as to how close the life of Reagan was taken.

When the shots rang, Reagan was pushed into the car by Jerry Parr. Once in the car, Parr searched Reagan for moisture or wounds and found none. On the way to the White House, Reagan wasn't feeling well at all (I think he said he might have coughed blood). Parr said go to the hospital. At the hospital Reagan collapsed and 10 guys around him lifted him up over their heads to an ER and work started to save his life. When he blood pressure was taken, it registered 0. He had lost half his blood due to internal bleeding.

The bullet from the .22 caliber hit the side of Reagan's car. It flattened to the size of a dime and bounced off the car. It sliced into Reagan below his armpit. Because of the bullets size, sharpness and speed now, the wound closed up right after it entered Reagan. Thus, there was no external wound.

If Parr said to drive Reagan to the White House to get checked out by the local doctor instead of the Hospital, Reagan would surely be dead. A quick and life saving decision by Parr makes him a Hero, not some other people involved (see March 30, 1981 post).