Monday, June 07, 2004

March 30, 1981

An attempt on the Presidents life takes place. Four people are shot. One of these people is Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy.

Some would call him a hero for reacting to the situtation and using his body as a shield to accept a bullet instead of the president. Some would call him brave for becoming the human forcefield to a .22 caliber shot.

I call him clueless.

Let's go to the video tape(requires Real player):

He seems to hear shots, circles in confusion, gets hit in the stomach, and fall down. He was not jumping in front of a bullet. He was not using his own life to save another on purpose. He was shot because he had no idea how to react. Like a deer in headlights, Tim McCarthy, was hit.

Thank you Mr McCarthy for being totally clueless and being hit by a bullet. I salute you.