Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Wireless Networks

Ok, so I am working in the kitchen. I'm running on my battery, the phone line is not plugged in. I'm completely wireless. Then I notice the network icon on the bottom of my screen. I figure it is going to tell me that one or more wireless networks are available. Usually it is Emily, or something like that, but it never really works.

This time, it was linksys. I asked to sign on, even though it is not a secure network, and bingo- I'm on at 11.0 Mbs. I don't think I've ever connected at such a high speed. It's like being on a rocket- and wireless too, at my Kitchen table. I feel so freeeeee!!!!!

Should I be a little nervous- that I'm exposed to some horrible worm or something like that. Or should I feel bad that I am pirating band width from some poor old sap. Or that whomever this connection belongs to is reading this blog as I write it?