Saturday, July 10, 2004

Best sport cheers

The votes are in, and the finalists are:

1 - Buy a Porche Potvin Buy a Porche

2 - Let's Go Mets (heard in MSG during a particularly dismal Ranger season)

3 - Let's Go Home ((heard in MSG during the same particularly dismal Ranger season)

4 - "Where is your navy? At the bottom of the sea" (a reference to the Falklands War sung by British fans when their club faces Argentina)

5 - Two World Wars and One World Cup - doodah, doodah (used by British soccer hooligans to taunt German soccer hooligans. Refers to the fact that England beat Germany in the 1966 World Cup final, in 1944 at the second war to end all wars, and in 1917 at the first war to end all wars. Typically, the British forget they had help, from a hometown ref in '66 and from the Yanks at the previous two contests, but it's still a great chant. The chant brings to mind a great line, attributed to Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, who upon being told that Germany had defeated England allegedly replied, "They may have beat us at our national game, but we beat them twice at their national game in the 20th century.")