Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Mini Boycott Cooper

I would like to own a Cooper Mini but I fear the contempt of the RNs. Do my RNs oppose stylish, yet affordable, cars? Yes, judging from their own choices. But the German-Mini-connection might trouble them more.
I do try to boycott the Nazis like a good member of the horde. But it gets so confusing. Are Minis out? They're owned by BMW (Bavarian Motor Wee-hicles) but during the war, the Cooper people were on our side.  Should I buy my Mini as a show of thanks to the brave British lads who fought alongside the allies during World Was II? Or, should I boycott them because some of the profits of my purchase might end up in the bank account of a person of German descent? Can I go to Disneyland, ifI know that someone named Horst is on the Disney Board? What if my 401k owns real estate in Munich? Should I divest? Where is the line, assuming there is a line?
And I have a related question: How can Jews  fight terrorism?  Though I think the current approach (talking about it during chazeres hashatz) is swell,  I'm not seeing good results. Maybe we should "ramp up" and discuss it during Torah reading, too? Or perhaps  the answer is to boycott SUVs.

Though I can't prove it via a clever hyperlink, I suspect that some of or oil comes from Arab lands. I further suspect that some of the money we send to Kuwait in exchange for oil tankers ends up in the wrong hands.  So, wouldn't it help -- even a little bit - if we stopped buying cars that yield 3 miles per metric ton of gasoline?

What do you think? Should we continue making a Firm Point for Decency and Jewish Pride by boycotting Becks beer,  or perhaps we ought to reconsider those cars that are roughly the same size as minor aircraft carriers, too?