Thursday, July 08, 2004

Too Far On-Star ?

This morning I heard a truly terrifying radio ad for OnStar, the concierge service that offers drivers 24-hour assistance and information. Like all the other OnStar spots, we hear an "actual call" between a driver, and an OnStar operator. It goes something like this:

Woman: (hysterical screaming) My husband was driving in the car next to mine and his car went off the road!! Oh my god oh my god!

OnStar operator: (concerned) I'll connect you to emergency services.

911 operator: 911, Can I help you?

Woman: (Slightly panicked) My hunsband's car went into the water!!

911 operator: Ok, help is on the way.

[Announcer talk for a few seconds about OnStar always being there "when you need it."]

OnStar operator: (still concerned) Is there anything more I can do.

Woman: (resigned? disapointed? Not sure, but certainly calmer than she was a moment ago, but with no sound of relief in her voice) Thank you for waiting with me. I really appreciate your being here.

[More blather from the announcer]

My question: Did the woman's husband, um, die? Let's reveiw the facts. The woman went from wild hysteria, to pure panic, to calm resignation in what couldn't have been more than a few moments. However long it was, Emergency Services have not arrived by the end of the spot; the woman is still "waiting." Oh, and her husband and his car went underwater.

I thought the whole thing was pretty creepy - unless the OnStar people want you to know that grief counseling is yet another of their many services. All in all, an ad that makes you go ew.