Thursday, July 22, 2004

Unholy Table Manners

We often have guests for shabbos lunch, and occasionaly an RN slips through the rigorous screening. Though I think they enjoy the food and the conversation, here's a brief list of things they don't like.

1 - I sit for kiddush
2 - I don't put a few drops of water into the wine bottle before I pour the wine into the kiddush cup. And if the wine is any good, I don't let the RNs do it either.
3 - My shabbos lunch kiddush consists of one posuk: "kee shayshes" and one bracha "boray pri hagofen" Nothing more, nothing less.
4 - I do not pre-cut the challa loaf before saying the brocha.
5 - I pour salt on the sliced challa directly. I do not put the salt on the table, and then dip the bread into the salt.
6 - Sometimes my wife sprinkles the salt on the challa, if I am slicing the loaf too slowly.
7 - We don't always serve fish

Other than these 7 abberations, I think lunch at my house is pretty traditional. We sing zmirot. The kids irritate and annoy. And my wife does most of the work. Just like our ancestors, no?