Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Veep Choice

Ok, so one of the talking ditto heads on Fox News (we seig, you heil) thinks Kerry's VP choice constitutes "another Kerry flip-flop." The reason: Just months ago, Kerry said he didn't think Edwards had enough experience to be President of the United States.

Would someone please let this lady know that Bush's résumé was even thinner when he ran for president, that he had less foreign policy experience than Edwards does now, and that Bush is still(!) unfamiliar with the nuances of most policy debates.

Jeb Bush was also heard saying that he doesn't think (yes, I know. He should have stopped there) that he doesn't think the American people will vote "for a ticket as liberal as Kerry/Edwards."

Has he forgotten Gore/Leiberman received more votes from the "American people" than his brother? Even old George McGovern received several million votes when he suffered the worse defeat in history. Who casts all these votes if not "American people?" Space aliens?