Monday, September 27, 2004

Jewish Weddingaling

"Kabolas Ponim - this means, "How come the ladies get all the good food and booze while we're stuck with four tins of Chinese food, sponge cake, and one bottle of Old Williamsburg?"

"Badeken - This means, "Anybody who's in the way is gonna be trampled."

"The Meal - The wedding meal is very familiar, as it really is just a lavish Shabbos meal composed of the five Jewish food groups: Challah, fish, soup, chicken, and dessert."

"The band then plays "The Final Countdown," which is the only song ever played at this time. Even if the band has something else on the roster, they'll play "Countdown" anyway because they're so used to it."

The rest of Martin Bodek's humorous inside look at the Jewish wedding ceremony can be seen here.