Wednesday, September 15, 2004


The ten year ban on assault weapons expired on 9/13, with the acquiescence of Congress and the president, and I'm reminded again how the Dems and Repubs are different.

Democrats and Republicans, both, want to fight the terrorists, but both sides have their sacred cows. Fight the terrorists, say the Dems, but don't mess with the first amendment. Fight the terrorists, says the GOP, but don't mess with the second amendment.

At bottom, here's where they disagree: Republicans think people are basicly good. This is why the GOP will give you a gun, and encourage you to trust that Ashcroft and his thugs will enforce the Patriot Act judiciously.

Dems think that people are basicly evil, which is why guns must be banned, and speech must be competely free, because only throught the free exchange of idea can the evil inate to humankind be exposed.

I don't see how Bush can continuing claiming to be resolute, now that he's helped to make it easier for terrorists to purchase Uzis and other submachine guns. But, then, I've never been good at deciphering the Republican mind.