Monday, September 27, 2004

One Unified World Religion

The first temple was destroyed because of idol worship, adultery and murder. The Jewish people were able to rectify this bad decree. They mended their ways and was thus zoche to have the second temple. The second temple was destroyed because of tzinas chinam. Tzinas chinam is the inability for one Jew to respect another human being. The Jewish people still suffer from this bad characteristic and have yet to fix their ways. If we are ever to see a third temple, we must correct this problem.

There are obvious methods to cause love, like, or at the very least, not hate of other people. Open mindedness of other cultures, religions, and degrees of religiousness of our own religion is the first step. All people, no matter what degree of religion, race, sex, color, are all the tzelem Elokim, in the image of Gd. We must respect them as equals. Everyone who is like us or not like us deserves the same consideration that we give ourselves.

Other religions are set up such that either you are a member of the religion, or you are not. There is a finite difference between members and non members. Members of the religion are suppose to act according to the rules of their religion. Those who are not members, should convert or they have no part of the religion.

Judaism differs from this conventional religious way. Those that are not Jews are still members of a greater society still expected to worship the Creator of The World. A global unity is expected. Those that aren’t Jewish must still obey the seven Noachite laws and they must recognize the same Gd the Jews do. The ENTIRE world, whether Jewish or not, must be aware of our One True Gd.

When we pray in the morning we mention how we want our people to be cured from illness, we want prosperity, we want the restoration of judges, we want the rebuilding Jerusalem, etc. We should have in our minds when we ask for these things that they should be so that the world will see the True Gd. If all disease was cured, everyone would recognize the greatest of the Lrd. If everyone had what they needed and there were no poor, surely everyone would see Hashem.

When Hashem wanted to destroy us in exile, Moshe said to Hashem that if He were to annihilate us, the other nations would see that Gd couldn’t save his people and had to destroy them. Moshe was concerned that the world should know the One True Lrd.

A world unity to the worship of Gd. An alliance of all people in glorifying the Lrd. We must eradicate the tzinas chinam within us and come together. By having respect for everyone in the world, and the unity of recognizing Gd, I hope that Mashiach will be here now.