Friday, February 11, 2005

Mom And Pops Dinner

There is this little place in the city (NYC) that I've got to tell you about. My wife and I always try to get there for lunch when we visit the city. Some people may think it is slimy or gross or Chassidish. We love it.

In the diamond district there is a place called Diamond Dairy Restaurant, located at 4 West 47th St. It is settled behind a bin of jewelry dealers, perched high above the room of various vendors, in the back of the venue. A stairwell on either side leads up (and, funny enough, down). There are tables and stools by the counter. The menu has a good lunch quality variety of items. A very hot ticket is chulent. Yep, you can get chulent for lunch there.

What is that my wife and I like about this place? There is one waitress there that is the best. Every time we go, we sit at the same table to be sure she is our waitress. When we sit down to order, lets say a soup, she asks: "How bout some crackers dear"? or a sandwich she says: "You need a pickle, hold on". The best is that when she notices, from across the room, that you plastic cup is running low on soda, she darts over and refills your cup from the can of coke sitting next to it.

This waitress is a real Mom from a Mom and Pops kind of place. I suggest it to anyone. Be sure you get a seat closer to the register where the 2 person tables are by the window. Hopefully you will get her and have a very pleasant lunch.

Oh yea, she always signs the bill with a smiley face too.