Monday, March 14, 2005

Purim Torah

The following is NOT halachah. It is Purim Torah.

There is a story in Tractate Megilah page 7 side 2.
Rava and Rav Zairah had Purim seudah with each other. They got drunk. Rava slaughtered Rav Zairah. The next day, presumably after being sobered up, Rava resurrected Rav Zairah. The very next year, Rava asked Rav Zairah if he would like to have Purim seudah together again. Rav Zairahs response was: "Miracles don't happen every day".

Normally we infer from this story that drinking is very bad to do and not to do it ever, even on Purim. In the spirit of Purim, venahafoch hu, I would like to point out the opposite of this.

Rav Zairahs responce of: "Miracles don't happen every day" tells us that Rav Zaiarah is afraid he will get his head chopped off again. The only reason he should have this fear is if Rava is drinking again. Perhaps we can even say Rav Zairah was planning to drink again because he might have felt he would not be sober enough to stop Ravas slaughtering again.

So we see, according to the story- they got fashnikered. To emulate our Rabbis of old, we too should get smashlastered.

For the REAL halachah, please see the Mishna Brurah. Also, please decide to follow the Mishna Brurah like you do for every other Halacha. This one is no different.