Friday, April 22, 2005

Rava Amar: Ochel es Af chavairo...

Alternate title- Talmud Times: RAVA ARRESTED!
CALCUTTA, India (Reuters) - A paratrooper in India bit off part of a colleague's nose after an argument over switching off the light, police said Friday.

The two soldiers from India's Eastern Frontier Rifles were alone in their barracks Wednesday night when Lance Corporal Bhupesh Rava lost his cool because his roommate wanted the lights on for a little while longer.

An enraged Rava, who had returned from daytime duty, attacked Sepoy Durga Lama, pinned him down and gnawed off his nose, police said.

"People came to Lama's rescue after hearing his shouts for help," said Ranvir Kumar, deputy commissioner of police.

Lama, bleeding profusely, was taken to hospital while his attacker stood in a corner with bloody lips, he said.

Lama told the police that he had asked Rava to "wait for five minutes" before turning the light out while he got dressed to go for his night duty.

Doctors operated on Lama Thursday to fix the bitten chunk of flesh back on his nose. Rava was arrested.

The Eastern Frontier Rifles is a state paramilitary force specializing in tackling a Maoist insurgency in the eastern state of West Bengal, of which Calcutta is the capital.

I wish Rava in Gemorah did stuff like this.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Other things that happened on 4/20:

  • 1442: Born King Edward IV

  • 1769: Died Pontiac, Chief Of Ottawa

  • 1777: New York adopts new constitution as an independent state

  • 1812: Died George Clinton (1st VP to die in office)

  • 1889: Born Adolf Hitler

  • 1892: Born Harold Llyod

  • 1902: Radium was isolated

  • 1916: 1st National League game at Wrigley Field in Chicago

  • 1937: Born George Takei (Captain Sulu)

  • 1939: New York World's Fair opens

  • 1939: Ted Williams' 1st hit (off of Yankee Red Ruffing) - a double

  • 1943: Poland, Germans Nazi troops massacred the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

  • 1948: NYC doubles subway fare from 5¢ to 10¢

  • 1949: Born Jessica Lang

  • 1951: Born Luther Vandross

  • 1967: New York Mets' Tom Seaver's 1st victory, beats Chicago Cubs, 6-1

  • 1972: Apollo 16 module "Casper" lands on moon

  • 1972: Born Carmen Electra

  • 1976: Born Joey Lawrence (whoa!)

  • 1981: Born Zookeeper-Benjamin

  • 1986: Michael Jordan sets NBA playoff record with 63 points in a game

  • 1999: Columbine High School shooting

  • Allthough not on 4/20, in 1971 The Waldos created the 420 weed reference

My Gorillas Can Eat Leaven

As far as the gorillas in this other zoo...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Scary man

Honestly, does anyone else see this?

Pope Benedict and Emperor Palpatine

The Smoke Up High

I wonder if Al Sharpton Cardinal Francis Arinze has a problem with the use of white smoke to symbolize a [relative] good thing- a new pope and black smoke to show a bad thing- no new pope yet.

Monday, April 11, 2005

ZooKeeper-Benjamin Of Zeus

There is a man in South America that claims he has super natural healing powers that allow him to perform miracle surgeries. He even made it on to PrimeTime Live. Please be careful when you click some of the links within this site because some of his "surgeries" made me queasy.

John Of God

Normally I would brush this off and say: "I wish I was such a good con-man". This time it is different. This time I've heard that there are Jews asking their Local Orthodox Rabbis if they [the Jewish wack jobs that believe in this] can go visit John Of God to heal their problems.

If that wasn't bad enough...

There are prominent Rabbis that are in agreement that this Miracle Healer is actually performing miracles. They believe he has been giving this true power by our Lord.

A few 100 or 1000 years ago, people were fooled by miracle healers. They were fooled by all sorts of mystical weirdness like dibbuks taking over bodies, etc. We are blessed, in today's world, to have someone like The Amazing James Randi, to help us understand that these Miracle Workers are nothing but frauds. Rich frauds.

At first I was extremely upset to hear that some of our Rabbis have bought into this and believe he is true. Now I am not specifically upset at the Rabbis. They are normal people *gasp!* that are tricked by things as well.

Please see: for an article by Mr. Randi debunking this foolishness.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Starwars Episode III, New Character

General Grievous sounds very cool.

"Part alien, part druid, Grievous hunts Jedi for sport and proudly displays his victims' lightsabers around his belt as trophies of his conquests."
VERY cool.

The rest of the paragraph makes me unhappy:
"He was trained in lightsaber combat by a Sith Lord"
An alien druid taught by a sith? and he isn't sith himself? grrr...

"His strategic ingenuity, bizarre physical form, and flawless cunning render him almost invincible against the Jedi"
Invincible against Jedi? That hurts almost as much as finding out the force has something to do with Medichlorians. The Jedi are suppose to be the powerful ones...not this robo-dude. grrr....

Only time will tell what this Character will bring. Another Jar Jar Binks disappointment or a legend like Boba Fett?

Monday, April 04, 2005

Product Placement

Anyone see the big advertisment for coke here?

*hint* It's the guy dressed as a coke bottle

Friday, April 01, 2005


Jewish spin:

If we want the messiah, we should try to make the world react this way to jewish events.

make the world recognize the true way.

no time to blog full thought, but you get the idea.


Frank Perdue