Friday, April 22, 2005

Rava Amar: Ochel es Af chavairo...

Alternate title- Talmud Times: RAVA ARRESTED!
CALCUTTA, India (Reuters) - A paratrooper in India bit off part of a colleague's nose after an argument over switching off the light, police said Friday.

The two soldiers from India's Eastern Frontier Rifles were alone in their barracks Wednesday night when Lance Corporal Bhupesh Rava lost his cool because his roommate wanted the lights on for a little while longer.

An enraged Rava, who had returned from daytime duty, attacked Sepoy Durga Lama, pinned him down and gnawed off his nose, police said.

"People came to Lama's rescue after hearing his shouts for help," said Ranvir Kumar, deputy commissioner of police.

Lama, bleeding profusely, was taken to hospital while his attacker stood in a corner with bloody lips, he said.

Lama told the police that he had asked Rava to "wait for five minutes" before turning the light out while he got dressed to go for his night duty.

Doctors operated on Lama Thursday to fix the bitten chunk of flesh back on his nose. Rava was arrested.

The Eastern Frontier Rifles is a state paramilitary force specializing in tackling a Maoist insurgency in the eastern state of West Bengal, of which Calcutta is the capital.

I wish Rava in Gemorah did stuff like this.