Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Starwars Episode III, New Character

General Grievous sounds very cool.

"Part alien, part druid, Grievous hunts Jedi for sport and proudly displays his victims' lightsabers around his belt as trophies of his conquests."
VERY cool.

The rest of the paragraph makes me unhappy:
"He was trained in lightsaber combat by a Sith Lord"
An alien druid taught by a sith? and he isn't sith himself? grrr...

"His strategic ingenuity, bizarre physical form, and flawless cunning render him almost invincible against the Jedi"
Invincible against Jedi? That hurts almost as much as finding out the force has something to do with Medichlorians. The Jedi are suppose to be the powerful ones...not this robo-dude. grrr....

Only time will tell what this Character will bring. Another Jar Jar Binks disappointment or a legend like Boba Fett?