Monday, April 11, 2005

ZooKeeper-Benjamin Of Zeus

There is a man in South America that claims he has super natural healing powers that allow him to perform miracle surgeries. He even made it on to PrimeTime Live. Please be careful when you click some of the links within this site because some of his "surgeries" made me queasy.

John Of God

Normally I would brush this off and say: "I wish I was such a good con-man". This time it is different. This time I've heard that there are Jews asking their Local Orthodox Rabbis if they [the Jewish wack jobs that believe in this] can go visit John Of God to heal their problems.

If that wasn't bad enough...

There are prominent Rabbis that are in agreement that this Miracle Healer is actually performing miracles. They believe he has been giving this true power by our Lord.

A few 100 or 1000 years ago, people were fooled by miracle healers. They were fooled by all sorts of mystical weirdness like dibbuks taking over bodies, etc. We are blessed, in today's world, to have someone like The Amazing James Randi, to help us understand that these Miracle Workers are nothing but frauds. Rich frauds.

At first I was extremely upset to hear that some of our Rabbis have bought into this and believe he is true. Now I am not specifically upset at the Rabbis. They are normal people *gasp!* that are tricked by things as well.

Please see: for an article by Mr. Randi debunking this foolishness.