Monday, May 09, 2005

Robotic Sfira Judaism

So the rules are:
No Haircutting
No Music
No Movies (movies! may God suppress his wrathful lighting bolt upon you for even using the word "movie", poo poo, amen Selah)

I see.

The rules don't include:
No Video Games
No TV (TV! may God turn away his vengeful smite upon you for even using the letters T and V together)
No Social Gatherings
No Jokes
No Humor
No Levity
Wear a sack-cloth
No Leather Shoes
No Computer
No Ice Cream
No Going Out To Eat
No Raspberry Sorbet

What is the point of sfira and how easy are people TOTALLY missing it? Hey, at least you are following the prescribed rules, right? That's all that matters. Robotic Judaism.

*vvvzzzzzz* Self Destruct Sequence Initialized *fweezzzzuuuuu...*