Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Intro. God, Reiligion, Judasim

I would like to share with everyone my understanding of what Judaism is. Since it requires much introduction, I will split up my writings in to essays to be posted every so often.

This outline is subject to change, but I think I will start with God's existence. Whether or not God exists provides the basis that everything else stands on. I will explore the different philosophical schools of thought on this matter. After we prove that there is something divine out there, we will explore what religion means, what it is used for, and what each of the more popular religions have to offer. At this point, I will start to get into my understanding of what Judaism is and why following the G-d of the Israelites(as a Jew and a Non-Jew) is the correct path. I will then spend a few essays focusing on a few different aspects of Judaism. After that, I don't know where the writing will lead…

So please stop in and have a look at a few of my thoughts. I am sure there will be plenty to argue with at the beginning stages and much to ponder towards the middle. It will be a learning experience for me too.

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A quick jump guide to the essays:
  • Intro. Start Here (The post you are looking at right now)

  • I. God - Proofs

  • II. Life - The Meaning Of

  • III. Religion - Coming Soon!

  • IV.-Etc. - Coming Eventually!